“Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development.”

– Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Our infant or “Nido” (meaning “nest”) room is a peaceful, nurturing environment carefully designed and guided following Maria Montessori’s principles for this age group (0-16 months). We believe that the Montessori program should begin at birth because this is the age when the child feels the unconscious passion and desire to internalize and learn through his/her environment.

As Montessori teachers, we understand the amazing discovery made by Maria Montessori about the sensitive periods. The Sensitive Periods start during the first year of life. In order to support and protect these initial periods of time, we focus our lessons and our guidance on four main aspects of development:

  • Language:

    In the area of language the Nido environment provides stimulation by reading, singing, speaking slowly and clearly with precise words to the children.

  • Order:

    The Nido environment should provide order to foster the child’s optimal potential for independence, to help build their self-confidence, and to aid in memory retention.

  • Movement:

    The Nido room is where children’s development of gross motor skills are most apparent. The child should have motives for movement. The more the child moves the more the child will know and learn.

  • Refinement of the senses:

    In the Nido room stimulating the senses is one of the main focuses. We know and understand how powerful the children’s senses are, and for this reason we love to work with them individually. We focus on providing them with concrete experiences in which they can explore different colors, forms, textures and sounds.