SSMS is very proud to introduce you to our Administration and Teachers. All of our Lead Teachers are Montessori trained ( or in-training) and experienced.

Aparna A Banka

Ms. Aparna was born and raised in India. She did her undergraduate studies in India and a Master’s degree in Birmingham U.K. She moved to the US in 2003, where she began pursuing her CPA degree. Montessori has been around Aparna and her family for many years now. Her son also went to an AMI Montessori School. Stepping Stone Montessori is a dream venture for Aparna and her family and has been launched in the name of her beloved brother, who is no longer with them. This institute has been created with lots of love, care, and hope for a bright future. Aparna has been working successfully in a family-run Apparel business for the past ten years and has now embarked on this new journey of her life.


Laurie Kennedy

Ms. Laurie was born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a BS degree in Recreation Resource Management, she moved to Colorado. Ms. Laurie started her Montessori career in 1985 in Colorado.

“The first time I walked into a Montessori classroom, I was amazed that the adults talked to children as if they were regular people. The teachers treated the children with respect and did not talk down to them.” This observation inspired me to become a Montessori educator. In 1989 Laurie began her American Montessori Society Primary teacher training and received her teaching certificate in 1990. Ms. Laurie opened her school in Lyons, CO. in 2005. After nine years of running the school, she moved back to Atlanta. One of Laurie’s passions is Peace education. She plans to incorporate this into the daily life of the classroom and school at Stepping Stone Montessori School.

In 2015 she audited the training program at MTEI in Atlanta, GA. “I was so excited to take the training again. I learned some new things, and I feel I am a better Director because of the training.” Laurie is thrilled to be a part of Stepping Stone Montessori School.