If we were to tell you that we at Stepping Stone Montessori School (SSMS) would love your child and would take care of him/her – it would not impress you. Neither will our saying that we will teach your child about letters, numbers, colors, etc. excite you.

At SSMS we believe in caring about each child’s well-rounded and complete development. This is the Montessori perspective put into practice. Caring for children is an obvious expectation and would not set us apart from others. We are committed to happy children coupled with partnering with families in order to serve their child’s development in

“Parents as partners” sums up our view on this relationship. Without a strong school-home partnership we cannot fully serve your child’s needs. We seek to build bridges here, share information and ensure that your child’s overall life experience has as much consistency as possible.

Truly Montessori:

SSMS is committed to fully-implemented Montessori practice. We recognize that the approach to education and child development that Dr. Montessori identified is a harmonious system which serves children’s optimal development only when implemented in its entirety. Such is the basis for our authentic Montessori implementation.

Best Trained Teachers:

At SSMS we stay abreast of current research and best practice. We follow research in education, neuroscience, psychology, creativity and other fields that support our work.

Our staff is fully supported in ongoing education from conferences, workshops, and observations at other schools, as well as in-house discussions and collaboration.

State-of-the Art Facility:

Your child will enjoy a rich environment with multiple classrooms for every level in  fully renovated building, along with beautiful ad well-equipped playgrounds catering to each age group.

Nutritious & Tasty Meals:

We know that parents who choose SSMS are equally committed to good nutrition and probably have a high sensitivity to the quality and kinds of foods that their child eats. We also know that this takes time. Allow us to take this challenge on and relieve you of that effort.  Lunch at SSMS is provided by our responsible caterer, Chefs Advantage.  Please refer to our menu sheet separately.

Extended Hours:

We are open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. We understand the needs of families and wish to accommodate these as best as we can through extended hours.

Year Round School:

We are a 12-month school and during the summer months we introduce some out of the ordinary things for the children. Summer months will be full of activities that take advantage of the season and could involve field trips for older children, an on-campus petting zoo , water activities and more.

Enrichment Activities:

For enrichment activities, we offer extra opportunities in a range of enrichment activities throughout the year:

  • Foreign language
  • Music
  • Sports Training
  • Ballet Dance