My 3-year-old daughter went to this school for a year and a half, and we loved the school and teachers. They are very friendly, easy to communicate with, and have a very open-door policy. My kids loved it there. We moved to a different area, and so this was out of the way, adding nearly 40 mins to our daily commute, yet we continued putting our children here for ~9 months. It became a bit overwhelming, and timings between my husband and I at work weren’t allowing us the additional time, so we finally ended up changing this month. When we interviewed at other schools, we realized this was definitely a hidden gem. Thank you to all the sweet teachers and Ms. Cathy for providing our kids home away from home! – October 2019

Stepping Stone provided my son with a family-like environment and helped him soar developmentally!!! The staff is absolutely WONDERFUL, and Ms. Cathy is a real-life gem!!! We have nothing but rave reviews for this school!!! – March 2019

My babies love their time in the infant room at SSMS. It’s a joy to see them show off what they’ve learned — signing, eating with a spoon, drinking from a cup … the list goes on. They’re so proud of their achievements and independence. They rush into the infant room, smiling, every morning to play instruments and sing. We’re lucky to have found such a lively, nurturing, peaceful school. – February 2019

Can’t recommend enough. The quality of education and nurturing environment at Stepping Stone has been amazing. The staff and teachers at Stepping Stone are warm, genuinely caring, professional, and incredibly smart. Our daughter is very smart, independent, and reserved, so it was important for us that she be in an environment that was not overwhelming for her and would provide the opportunities for her to learn at her own pace while having fun and cultivating friendships. We have seen our daughter blossom at Stepping Stone. She talks about her teachers and friends all the time and asks when she will see Miss Luz and Miss Maya again. She thoroughly enjoys going to school each day. Definitely stop by and check them out! – February 2019

This school has been an absolute God-send to our family. The faculty and staff are always so accommodating and flexible with us and so loving to our daughter. She has lots of friends and loves everything she’s learning. Can’t wait to have the next baby so I can send him here too!!! – January 2019

“All the best staff, and teachers, in a clean safe environment where children thrive. They make your family feel welcome and part of a secondary caring family as well. Cathy, Laurie and all the teachers are the best in class! Thanks for all you do!!!”

“This is the amazing Montessori. My son is 16 months, he is learning a lot. Thanx to Ms Cathy, Ms Anji and Ms Nicole. A very good and healthy atmosphere for all age groups.”

“The entire staff and management are amazing! My daughter has blossomed so much with all their love, guidance and support. Thank you SSMS! I can’t wait for my little man to be a part of your family!”

“We absolutely love Stepping Stone Montessori School! Mark and Lisa are amazing, so knowledgeable and caring! The school is so clean and neat and the staff is so educated, professional and kind. Is nice to see my daughter smiling each and everyday we pick her up from school!! Any parent searching for Montessori School needs to come here first! We feel blessed to be part of this school!”

“I highly recommend any parent looking at Montessori Schools to visit Stepping Stone. We have an infant daughter currently enrolled and are very happy. The school is always clean and the staff is educated and professional. Our daughter is only 1 years old and drinks from a glass cup instead of sippy cups. It’s truly amazing to witness the learning that our infant daughter is getting on a day to day basis.”

“I have to say the best feeling in the world is to know that your baby is in the most absolute loving, caring, educational atmosphere. From Ms. Kathy to Ms. Marcella and the amazing teachers everyone just has an incredible personality which gives the school a positive and inviting environment. I sleep better at night knowing that I have stepping stone to help raise my child and that he is constantly learning new things and becoming more social everyday in a clean safe loving environment. All of these which make for a great beginning to his educational career. I am so great full for the incredible management and teachers. Thank you, thank you thank you..”

“What an amazing school! My son is growing leaps and bounds in this environment! The staff truly care about his well being and facilitate learning in a way that is meaningful to him.”

“I can’t imagine a better place for my son. He has become so independent and learned things I never would have dreamt he could at his age. The teachers and staff are deeply kind and caring. The facility is beautiful. We love it. ”

“My son has been going to Stepping Stone since March 2015. We absolutely love the school and the teachers. They treat you like family and have been the support system we’ve needed with no family in Atlanta to help. He’s in the toddler program and learns so much. It’s not a daycare, it’s a program that facilitates natural learning and we’ve experienced amazing results. Our son has an expansive vocabulary, he’s extremely social and outgoing with his classmates, and he’s learning new concepts every day… But most importantly, he loves it!”

“We love Stepping Stones Montessori in Cumming. Back in January, I considered enrolling my 4 month old PT but got cold feet. Fast forward 4 months – I got a great opportunity to go back to work full-time and had to find childcare for my son. I visited 10+ schools and came running back to Stepping Stones.
The quality of care here is the best. This school is a gem of a place. Our son is in the infant Nido room – it is a wonderful, loving, and peaceful environment. The teachers and staff are excellent and invest themselves in our child as if our child was their own. We are actually moving next month, and I literally wish I could pick up the school and move it to Roswell with us. I am going to have a very hard time finding something comparable to Stepping Stones. If they ever open a school in Roswell East, we will be the first to enroll!
Do yourself a favor and skip the brand name schools. Having visited close to 20 daycare centers and other Montessori schools now, I can attest that this place is the best – fantastic, loving teachers, a great environment/facility, and a wonderful value. (The only other place that I felt comfortable enrolling my son was Bright Horizons in Milton which is nearly $500 more a month.)”

“My husband and I recently toured several Montessori schools in the area and in the end chose SSMS for our daughter. This is a new school, so there are pros and cons that go along with that. However, I was very impressed with the exceptionally high quality of the staff. Every teacher I have met has been not only very knowledgeable, but engaging and nurturing as well. The administrative staff are very professional and accommodating. On top of all of that, the classrooms and school grounds are beautiful! One of the advantages of being new is that everything is fresh and clean and they have done a nice job of making the environment feel very relaxing and comfortable.”

“We are thrilled with our experience at SSMS. My son has been there over a year, and he has gained such confidence and independence through his education there. The teachers and staff are deeply knowledgeable and caring people. The facility is beautiful and well-maintained. I can’t imagine a better setting for our son.”

“Always trust a mother’s intuition! Our 3 month old daughter was enrolled at a different daycare prior to SSMS and I just knew it wasn’t the right place for us. I made a phone call to SSMS to schedule a tour and upon talking with Lisa I knew SSMS was going to be a great place for our daughter. When we arrived for our tour it only got better…Miss Dana is amazing with the infants. You can tell that it’s not just a job for her; it’s a passion. She is very educated and we have been learning a lot from her. What a relief for the parents…especially first-time parents! I know our baby girl is in the best hands and we couldn’t be more at ease and thrilled with our decision. Many thanks to the staff for cultivating this environment…we look forward to watching her grow and learn at SSMS.”

“I have to say the best feeling in the world is to know that your baby is in the most absolute loving, caring, educational atmosphere. From Ms. Kathy to Ms. Marcella and the amazing teachers everyone just has an incredible personality which gives the school a positive and inviting environment. I sleep better at night knowing that I have stepping stone to help raise my child and that he is constantly learning new things and becoming more social everyday in a clean safe loving environment. All of these which make for a great beginning to his educational career. I am so great full for the incredible management and teachers. Thank you, thank you thank you…

“Our son started at SSM in January because he was having a hard time in a traditional day care. The calm, nurturing environment of Montessori coupled with the loving and highly skilled guides/teachers helped him transition well.They were patient, understanding, and accommodating of him and very communicative with us. They gave us a soft place to land during a stressful time. Can’t say how much I appreciate their approach. I would highly recommend them”

“Love this school! Liam is doing so well here and the staff is so in tune with his needs! I would definitely recommend this school! We are seeing daily cognitive leaps with Liam; it’s so exciting because everyday is a new adventure!”

“Stepping Stone Montessori School has been a life saver for me and my family.I cannot say enough about the staff and specifically Ms. Rachel who is the primary lead teacher. As an educator, I am always looking for an environment that provides a personalized learning experience. I am happy to say I have found it! My three year old and 18 month old have blossomed as students at this school”

“We moved to Cumming from Louisiana in January. We were extremely nervous about putting our 9 month son in a school where we did not know anyone. That was until we visited Stepping Stone. From the 1st phone call we knew this was the place for Connor. The entire staff is amazing and the environment is nurturing, beautiful & offers a fantastic educational experience”

“We are so pleased with the environment and loving culture that SSM provides to my children. We feel very happy to have found them when we were in search of the perfect place for our children”

“Love is in the Air! Bryce just loves his teachers and all the wonderful activities he gets to at Stepping Stone. Our family is so happy with all the love and support we receive”

“Our daughter has been a part of SSM since its inception and we can’t say enough good things about this wonderful school! We have tried other schools before permanently settling on SSM. None of these other schools were impressive and to add to this, our daughter cried every morning when we dropped her off and would come home with bite marks, dirty clothes or other issues. We were ecstatic when we discovered SSM – our daughter absolutely loves going here! The morning drop-off tears are gone and most days, its a struggle to get her to go home cause she just wants to stay at school! We noticed a favorable change in her mental/physical development at SSM – she is more socially competent, co-operative, knowledgeable, expressive, and willingly to undertake new challenges. As parents, we feel that the facility is clean, well secured andperfectly designed to meet the children’s needs. The teachers genuinely care, are nurturing and well certified. It clearly shows that the owners have worked hard to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment where the kids can thrive! I strongly believe that SSM will better prepare my daughter to face the new challenges of kindergarten and beyond”

“My daughter was so excited to go to school this morning. I know that’s because her teachers and the staff make each day fun and interesting for her. We’re so glad we chose Stepping Stone Montessori!”

“Someone has rightly said that school is a child’s second home and teachers are child’s second parents. I can say that truly applies to my child as you really make Stepping Stone Montessori her second home with such love and care”

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful “Nido” infant program at Stepping Stone Montessori, Cumming. Our 7.5 month old Keira has been there for 2 months now and my husband and I have been very impressed with the level of care and love our daughter has been receiving. Mrs. Jessica, Mrs. Tumpa, and Mrs. Renee are wonderful and have provided the best care with their attention to detail, great communication, and love they give our sweet baby. She also has learned so much in 2 short months! I toured a lot of schools in Cumming before we decided on Stepping Stone and I truly believe you have something more to offer than what is available in the area. It is very hard as two working parents who also travel for work to leave our baby in the hands of others however, it has made it a whole lot easier with you all! Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful program and we are glad to have found you!”

“We toured a couple other schools in the Cumming area and this by far (I’m talking light years people) is the best school we have found for Infants. Great staff/infant ratio and our 8 month old absolutely adores all of her teachers – especially Ms Jessica/Tumpa/Renee! Thanks for all that you do!”

“I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful Stepping Stone Montessori is. We love the school and everyone there. My daughter had a tough time this morning, but everyone there was so sweet and patient with her. Some of her classmates came over to hug her and to show her support and encouragement. A little while ago, Mark sent my husband and I an email letting us know that she is doing well. He also took a couple of pictures of her enjoying activities and lessons in the classroom and attached them with the email for us to see. I can’t imagine too many schools, or the people there, taking the time to do that. We couldn’t imagine a better place for our daughter and we encourage more parents to stop by for a tour to see for yourselves just what an amazing environment it is for children!”

“Dear Miss Cathy, I would like to thank you and all the other teachers for the great job that you do. Since my wife and I brought Catherine to Stepping Stone Montessori, 2 weeks ago, we can see a change in her. The transition to the new school has been very short. She has become more confident in herself and her English skills have improved greatly. She has also started to eat better, thanks to the food that is being served. I can tell that Miss Rachel, Miss Marcela, Miss Angie and all the other teachers (sorry, but I don’t know all the names) do remarkable in their everyday lessons. Stepping Stone Montessori is a great environment for our daughter and she feels very good at the school. Last night, for example, she didn’t want to go home. She wanted to stay more and play with the other children.”

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!