Learning Through play

Learning Through play It is so important for our young children to have playtime. It could be indoors or outdoors. It does not only help with the gross motor development but so much more! While playing the children get a chance to communicate with others which gives them the opportunity to enhance all the following […]

What is Gratitude?

It means to show appreciation to someone’s kindness, generosity, and love. It is a state of mind that has desire to do more for others. It is being “Thankful”!! Being Thankful is important. Practicing Gratitude is important.  Inner peace: Being able to have the appropriate balance of mind, body and emotions and showing gratitude to […]

Normalization in a Montessori Classroom

In the previous Blog article, we talked about how Grace and Courtesy is an important and essential part of our lives.  At the beginning of the school year, we focus on Grace and Courtesy because these activities help the children self-regulate, use the prepared environment in a respectful manner, and function. Grace and Courtesy activities […]

Grace and Courtesy

What does it mean? It is a way to speak to someone kindly and politely. To show others respect and empathy. Grace and Courtesy is a lesson in the Practical life area. During the training, the adult learners are taught this lesson. In the classroom, it is first modeled by a teacher, but some lessons […]

Helpful tips for back to school

Joining the new school Or going back to school is an exciting time but at the same time, feeling nervous is normal for the children and parents. Here are a few tips to help you and your child to get ready for school in August. Talk about it: A few weeks before school starts, share […]

Fun-educational activities for Summer

Fun-educational activities for Summer Summertime is the time when a lot of children are off from school. But it is important for themto continue to learn. The children need to be occupied and engaged in fun learning activities. This will help children with: Good practice – Reinforcing the skills they have learned at school. Language […]

Earth day

Each year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. This day is to show how much we care for our planet Earth and the lives that survive on this planet. To raise awareness on how to protect the atmosphere of our beautiful planet. People from around the world share ideas for saving the environment by […]

Importance of Practical Life activities

What is Practical life? It is the most important part of a child’s development from infant to all the way up… The purpose of Practical life activities is to help with the following: Control of movement Hand eye Coordination Concentration Order Independence Grace & Courtesy   In an infant classroom, the children learn via exploring […]

Pink Tower

What is a Pink tower? It is probably the most iconic and favorite of all Montessori materials, which was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori herself and you will see this lesson in Toddler and primary classrooms. Looking at the Pink Tower you will think that they are just a stack of blocks, but it has […]

Week of November 29th at Cumming Campus

Infants; These sweet little ones have been busy playing more and more each day. Below you see them enjoying their sense of touch and sight with these fun sensory Christmas trees Ms. Caila made for their enjoyment. Toddler 1: Ms. Renee and Ms. Erika made super fun turkey projects. Below you will see students with their handmade hats enjoying […]