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Earth day

Each year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. This day is to show how much we care for our planet Earth and the lives that survive on this planet. To raise awareness on how to protect the atmosphere of our beautiful planet. People from around the world share ideas for saving the environment by […]

Week of November 29th at Cumming Campus

Infants; These sweet little ones have been busy playing more and more each day. Below you see them enjoying their sense of touch and sight with these fun sensory Christmas trees Ms. Caila made for their enjoyment. Toddler 1: Ms. Renee and Ms. Erika made super fun turkey projects. Below you will see students with their handmade hats enjoying […]

Healthy eating and physical activity resources

Healthy eating and physical activity are a vital part of supporting a healthy immune system. These resources and activities are designed to empower families and teachers in the areas of healthy eating, hand washing, and physical activity. Check out the HMP website,  where you will find virtual resources for early care through high school:  Fun At-home Physical Activities  Healthy […]

Resources while home during Covid 2019

Parents, below please find a list of resources and activities to keep your child busy and involved while they are home with you. We advise using the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended guidelines for screen time for appropriate age groups. Georgia Aquarium Webcams: San Diego Zoo Kids page: Center for Puppetry Arts at Home: Virtual […]

Coronavirus Update

Dear Families, With concerns over the Coronavirus growing daily, SSMS hopes to offer you some comfort by being completely transparent as far as our plans of prevention, preparedness, and how we plan to respond should we have any cases reported within our school. Currently, we are working with interim guidance suggestions from the CDC based on what […]

The Five Great Lessons

The Five Great Lessons are meant to provide Montessori elementary students with a “big picture” of the world and life. The lessons demonstrate how the sciences, art, history, language, and geography are interrelated. Students are then introduced to increasing levels of detail and complexity within these broad areas. The Five Great Lessons lay a foundation […]

The Mathematical Mind: Materialized Abstraction

Mathematics is a language that children naturally understand at an early age because it involves a sense of order, pattern, and precision, all of which are inherent in the developing child. At an early age, children in the Montessori environment acquire these patterns through sensorial experiences. For example, materials such as the Pink Tower, Red […]


Dr. Montessori believed that the desire to work is one of the human tendencies. During the sensorial period, children love to work with their hands. In a Montessori classroom, learning is hands-on, active and independent. Children are granted the freedom to move about with purpose in a Montessori learning environment. In addition, children have the […]

Why Cursive?

There are many aspects of the AMI Montessori education methodology that differ from traditional schools even more progressive private schools. The way children interact with content material, the length of time children are given to master concepts and the teacher-student interaction are among the most obvious differences between Montessori schools and other childcare facilities. When […]