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Progress through language

First we would like to send a special thanks to all the families at Stepping Stone Montessori School for their beautiful holiday gifts. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness. During this season of the year, there is focus on joy, tradition, family, love and hope for the New Year.  It’s the most wonderful time of the […]

A Winter Solstices Celebration

The Winter Solstice is one of my favorite times of the year. Although it is the shortest day and the longest night, once this night passes I begin to see the day’s getting longer. This always excites me. Many traditions around the world have a celebration in regards to light; darkness into light, good overcomes […]

What is a “four”?

Counting has been with us a good, long time. The idea that we could keep track of things by doing so is indeed fascinating and helpful beyond description.  Rather than have “one”, “one”, “one”, etc – or rather, “this”, “this”, “this” (since “one” doesn’t come into being until you have the idea of “numbers” to […]

Eco Teaching

Add to the list of things that you can’t “teach”: eco-friendliness. The rage these days is teaching earth-friendly, eco-sensitive perspectives. This has been popular for a while now. The thinking is that if we TEACH students to be respectful of the Earth they will make better choices for sustainable practices. This is like teaching morality: […]

Creating Meaning – What Learning is

“You learn what you do, and you can’t learn what you don’t do”. You create meaning by doing.  It is that simple.  We, each of us, need to be our own meaning-maker.  You don’t create meaning by just listening.  Real learning requires you to be physiologically engaged, and to be physiologically engaged means to have […]

Mistakes and Learning

“If you can’t make a mistake you can’t make anything”, that’s what educator Marva Collins said. She knew something about learning that too often is forgotten. Why do schools traditionally focus so much on “how many did you get wrong? how many right?” In doing so a culture of “the right answer” is created. The […]

When Helping is not a Good Idea

Here’s a story that was told to me recently: in some store for small children, there’s a toddler trying to pull out a chair at a small table so as to be able to use something that’s on the table.  The toddler is struggling to pull the chair out… it’s a lot of work… finally […]

Montessori Myths

It is a given that anything that has been around for as long as the Montessori Method (over 108 years now) that it will at times be misunderstood, miscommunicated, criticized and poorly defined.  And so, over the years, many things have been said about the approach to developmental education that Dr. Maria Montessori pioneered in […]

Movement in Education

There is growing talk about the value and need of movement in schools. Bloggers write about it and research shows the relationship between movement and brain development. However, for conventional schools, they simply aren’t sure how to fit this in. More time outside? Regularly scheduled intervals for “movement”? Allow children to wander the classroom while […]

Why Is Stepping Stone Montessori School Different?

Why Is Stepping Stone Montessori School Different? 1. Stepping Stone Montessori School (SSMS) is beautiful, peaceful and organized. 2. There is mutual respect between teachers, staff, and the children. 3. SSMS Founders, Management, Teachers and other staff have a real passion for children and the many gifts that a Montessori education offers. 4. The uniqueness of […]