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Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is one of the beginning materials of the Sensorial Area.  Children are natural sensorial learners.  This material aids in refining the visual sense of dimension.  Each cube varies in size from 1 cubic cm to 10 cubic cm. By lifting, carrying, holding, and building with these ten cubes, the child experiences dimension […]

Color Coordination

Indeed, the brilliancy, the colors, and the beauty of gaily decorated objects are nothing more than “voices” which attract the attention of a child and encourage him to act” – Maria Montessori All classrooms at Stepping Stone Montessori are color coordinated, these include our Infant,Toddler and Primary classrooms. When activities are color coordinated, children are […]

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a very important, much loved exercise of Practical Life.  This activity calls to the child’s need for movement and order. Hand washing is not just about washing one’s hands, it involves hauling and pouring water to prepare, and pouring, hauling, and drying to clean up.  In this way, the child’s coordination is […]