Care of Environment




plany-watering_03Dr. Maria Montessori introduced Practical Life exercises to provide the children with opportunities to perform simple tasks that they have already observed at home. Practical Life exercises enable the children to care for themselves, take care of the …

Prepared Environment

blog-round-3_03What an exciting time for Stepping Stone Montessori! The classroom environments have been meticulously arranged so that each child is sure to fall in love with their new school.


In a Montessori setting, the Prepared …

Cylinder Blocks



cylinder-blocks_03Sensorial Exercises are presented in the environment to stimulate a childs senses – visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and auditory. Cylinder Blocks exercise helps the child to develop visual perception of dimension and strengthen the child’s fingers for writing.


Pink Tower



pink-tower_03The Pink Tower is one of the beginning materials of the Sensorial Area.  Children are natural sensorial learners.  This material aids in refining the visual sense of dimension.  Each cube varies in size from 1 cubic cm to 10 …

Color Coordination




Indeed, the brilliancy, the colors, and the beauty of gaily decorated objects are nothing more than “voices” which attract the attention of a child and encourage him to act” – Maria Montessori

All classrooms at Stepping Stone Montessori …