Why I like Teaching at a Montessori School…

Why I like Teaching at a Montessori School…

From Cathy Mauragas, Center Director:
Being a part of Preschool/Early Education since the late 70’s I have witnessed a lot of growth, but taking part in a philosophy that is backed by years of research and practice has brought to light the importance of children feeling a purpose in each day, the positive force that serenity plays, and having a staff that is trained to manage everyday appropriately.

Marcela Mejia, Program Coordinator:
I think that children possess incredible powers that when allowed to manifest and develop them appropriately in the perfect environment the results are incredible.
The Montessori environment provides everything that the human needs to be able to develop an inner love for learning, not by offering extrinsic rewards and prizes, but instead by offering an environment full of lessons and materials that contain beauty, purpose, control of error, concrete experiences, and precise language that will be useful for life.
The Montessori Philosophy allows the children to experience an environment with real tools, order, consistency, and much more freedom than the regular school setting. In this environment, the children develop great self-esteem, self-control and much better opportunities for concentration, which will help them become great human beings.
These human being will provide peace, respect and knowledge to the whole world.

Rachael Pratt, Lead Primary Teacher:
I chose Montessori because the philosophy is one of understanding and respecting each child’s fundamental needs as they grow and learn. I love that Montessori children find motivation from within themselves, and form a deep understanding of who they are at such a young age. I think Montessori is amazing because it helps the children help themselves and become competent, independent, peaceful human beings.

Rajini Ramkrishnan, Lead Toddler Teacher:
My son Rajath who is a 6th grader now has been my greatest inspiration for choosing to teach in a Montessori setting. Bringing him up is one of the greatest gifts life has given me. In his early years I used to ponder what would be the best method to guide a child. Although he never went to a Montessori school, I always believed that each child is unique, his/her developmental needs are different and they develop at his/her own pace. As I watched my son grow-up, I made up my mind to contribute to the early childhood education by becoming a Montessori teacher. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that a child develops naturally through practical experiences from the environment and as adults our duty is to prepare the right environment for them to nurture and develop to their full potential. This philosophy of Maria Montessori resonates well with my belief system.

Rachel Beasley, Assistant Toddler Teacher:
In a Montessori environment, I get to see children developing every aspect needed for everyday living and not just their scholarly skills. Montessori fosters a child’s curiosity, independence, concentration, and social skills. I enjoy being a part of shaping a child into a well-rounded individual. Everyday I get to see a child’s face light up because they feel proud that they completed a task on their own. That moment may only last a few seconds but those few seconds are priceless. Montessori not only benefits the children, it also benefits the teachers and parents by constantly reminding us to be well-rounded role models and keeping us on our toes as we observe a child’s development.

Rebecca VanPraag, Lead Infant Teacher:
I chose to teach in a Montessori setting after I was exposed to both the public and private schooling sectors growing up. I observed through personal and second hand experience how much more a child can thrive in smaller, individualized setting. Montessori not only offers that, but also allows children to work at their pace and feel a personal sense of accomplishment, independence, and satisfaction through learning. One important lesson I have attained through teaching is that no two children are the same. They think, learn, grow, and feel in their own ways and Montessori caters to that mentality, allowing for optimal growth.