Earth Day Celebrations @ Stepping Stone Montessori

Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22nd world-wide to create an awareness on environmental issues and save our planet from further destruction. We at Stepping Stone Montessori also celebrated this great day this year.

To mark the earth day we did a tree art project with our toddlers in the Daisy Room followed by planting a tree in the school playground and a picnic lunch. It was great to see our infants, toddlers and primary children gathered at the planting area to be part of this great event. Many parents participated in the event and it was a pleasure to have them. It was an awesome experience to watch the little ones help fill the soil with a shovel after the planting and eat lunch outside. In our toddler environment, our toddlers start caring for environment as early as 16 months. They water the plants, clean the leaves and wipe the floor with a cloth towel when there is a spill. It was very apt that our toddlers celebrated the earth day!

The Cherry Blossom Class loves our Earth, and the Earth Day celebration at our school was the perfect way to celebrate our amazing planet. Leading up to the big day, we discussed ways that people help care for the Earth, like picking up litter and recycling. We also made a list of things that we love about our planet. The children used paper plates to create their own artwork to symbolize our Earth. They were excited to plant a Crepe Myrtle tree on their playground. Together, we helped dig a hole and put the tree inside. Then, we covered the hole with dirt using our own shovels. We even used mulch made from recycled tires to protect the small tree’s delicate roots and trunk. After planting the tree, the children enjoyed having a picnic lunch with their families on our lawn. Releasing the butterflies, which we have been observing for weeks, back into nature was truly magnificent! Earth day was such a special day for Cherry Blossom class!